Revive Your History

AssalamUAlikum Ahlal Imaan

Sep 65 remember Pakistan

When our Major sacrifice with his Imaan

Major Raja Aziz Bhatti[1] Pakistani Jawan

Enemy greater than five times strikes

Like a sword of Assadullah Haider[2] he fights

Without a wink Six days and six nights

Help come from Allah when in his way you fights

Oh ! forces of Muslim states be forces of Islam

Be the army of Allah only than world can experience Salam[3]

Name your swords Gauri, Shaheen, Hatf[4] but to be shield of Islam

You need to be servant of beloved prophet of Salam[5]

Oh ! commander take your commands from Quran

Awliyaa baAAduhum awliya[6] forgotten lesson of Quran

Are you not aware of the conspiracies against Salahdin

You have even forgotten your history what about Quran

Take Quran as your companion

Its your law, its your guide, its for your union

Remember what beloved[7] replied on, “whats your opinion”

"Its Kitab ullah[8] that can lead you out in falsehood” in all dominion

Remember 27th [9] Ramadan the night you were given verses

You got your land through out miracles

Yastakhlifakum feeal ardi[10] but see your carelessness

You dont fulfilled any of your promises

Your jugular vein[11] was still in there claw

Place you say on earth heaven we saw

It seems by our action that we have withdraw

Oh! Muslim Oh! Pakistani you have taken for granted Islamic law[12]


[1] Major was martyr in September 1965 in Pak India war and awarded highest military award Nishan e Haider (Emblem of Haider, where Haider is the epithet of Hazrat Ali may Allah be pleased with him).
[2] Assadullah means Lion of Allah in Arabic .
[3] Salam means Peace in Arabic
[4] these are the names of missiles Pakistani Army have Gauri named after Muslim emperor Shahabuddin Muhammad Ghauri , Shaheen named after a bird , Hatf named after sword of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.
[5] Salam is the root word of Islam .
[6] verse number 51 Surah Al- Ma’idah
[7] Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him
[8] Book of Allah in Arabic
[9] on 27th Ramadan (month in Islamic calender) Quran was revealed and on the same date in 1947 AD (1366 hijri) the west and the eastern parts of sub continent got independence as Muslim state Pakistan
[10] see 129th verse of Surah Ar Araf in Quran
[11] Kashmir is known as Jugular vein of Pakistan .
[12] Laws present in Quran and hadith and implemented by rightly guided Caliphs (Khalifa tul Rashid)  
A 6 year old Girl's message to the Ummah